Who We Are

Enbrec is a team of Solution Experts with decades of experience in the markets we serve that simplify and improve your business. 


What We Do

We provide business solutions and related technologies to maximize our client’s efficiency and profitability. 

Our Products and Services


Field Operation Software.

Streamline Processes between Operations, Accounting and Field Personnel.


Configurable Mobile Platform.

Focus on Consumer Engagement, Data Capture and Application Integration.

CIO Services

People, Process, Technology.

Provide top tier technology team on an as needed basis for a fractional cost. Virtual CIO Services tailored to your specific needs.

CFO Services

We grow together.

Enbrec provides process improvement, growth, management, strategies, efficiency, back-office processes, compliance/risk management, technological solutions and much more.

Application Development

Full application life-cycle development.

Enbrec provides application development, enhancement, integration and support of web apps, mobile apps and other software products.

Process Improvement

Provide resources for a broad range of needs.

Mobile, cloud, E-commerce, integration, web services and application development support is provided by Enbrec.

How Enbrec will help maximize business successes:


Leverage our expertise to streamline processes and improve technology fit.


Assess current state, leverage Lean principals for quick wins, define future state objectives, initiate iterative continual improvements, repeat.

Our Approach

Gain visibility, streamline processes, increase profitability and take control of your business.


Automate processes to eliminate hidden costs. Select an operation system that will allow for growth while minimizing redundancies. Engage in strategic CIO Services.


We do not lead with technology, we first understand the business’ needs and the process, and then we create or enhance the solution.

Business Intelligence

Capture data once in real-time, manage it efficiently, mine valuable information, and present it on-demand.

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