Engage Overview

Mobile is not only the key to consumer interaction it is also the gateway to legacy transaction processes and applications.  Engage is built on a configurable mobile platform and has several existing starter products that focus on consumer engagement, data capture and application integration.

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Configurable two-way communication requesting actions and/or feedback.

Mobile First

The Engage Mobile Platform is designed from the ground-up for mobile devices.

Event Driven Workflow

Real-time evaluation of events triggering tasks based on outcomes.

Campaign Management

Targeted data mining, customer segmentation, content, engagement and management.

Secure Communication

Secure communications ensures sensitive information is protected.

Advanced Analytics

Predictive analytics, data mining, segmentation, location intelligence.


Increase Interaction

Engagements, campaigns, push notifications, messages.

Mobile User Friendly

Easy to use, only required information, function specific.

Rapid Deployment

Platform and product based, configurable.



Manage episodes of care, secure data, release instructions.


College, hospital, community, office complex, retail complex.

Start-up Mobile

All standard mobile functionality, engagement, business branded, quick implementation.